The Bible Teaches That We Can Be LIKE God

Michael W. Fordham in his article, Do We Have the Potential to become Like God? list the Bible verses that teach the concept that we can be LIKE God.

In conclusion, when the Bible tells us that . . .
• We were created in the image of God [Genesis 1:26]
• God is the father of our spirits [Hebrews 12:9]
• We are the offspring of God [Acts 17:28]
• Christ calls us gods [Psalms 82:6]
• Man has become as God [Genesis 3:22]
• We will inherit all things [Revelation 21:7]
• We will be co-heirs with Christ of all things [Romans 8:14-18]
• We will have glory [John 17:20-23]
• We will have thrones [Revelation 3:21]
• We will be filled with the fullness of God [Ephesians 3:19]
• We will be partakers of the divine nature of God [Peter 1:3-4]
• We will be one with God [John 17:20-23]
• We shall be like Him [1 John 3:2]
• Our bodies will be fashioned like His glorious body [Phillipians 3:21]
• We can gain perfection [Matthew 5:48]
Fordham sums it up thus:
"....yes, I believe we have the potential to become a god ourselves. It is tradition that teaches these things are not true. It is the councils of men that teach these things are not true; it is the Christian Creeds that teach these things are not true. It is the Holy Bible that teaches these things are true. I choose to believe what the Bible teaches."
The term theosis gives meaning to the term ‘godliness’. GOD-LIKE-NESS.

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