Orthodox Doctrine of Theosis

"Partakers of the Divine Nature" (2 Peter 1:4) in the Byzantine Tradition

Theosis: Partaking of the Divine Nature

Fellow Workers with God: Orthodox Thinking on Theosis

"Asked about the Orthodox Christian doctrine of salvation, many people will hastily tell you that it has to do with “theosis” or “deification.” But few can explain what “theosis” actually means, and fewer still can do so with a broad and deep knowledge of the Church Fathers. Drawing on ancient and modern sources, and building on his magisterial study, The Doctrine of Deification in the Greek Patristic Tradition, Norman Russell here presents this teaching with breathtaking clarity without compromising its genuine complexity. This book stands out from others on the subject as a model of lucidity and reliability, and will enthrall specialists and non-specialists alike."

The author, Norman Russell

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